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The FemCap vs. Hormonal Birth Control

Most of us are familiar with the side effects associated with hormonal birth control. Some, such as weight gain, breakthrough bleeding, and reduced protection when taken with certain antibiotics, are simply minor annoyances. More serious health concerns include mood swings, migraine headaches, and a slightly increased risk of stroke and certain types of cancer.

The upside of hormonal birth control methods such as the Pill is that they have a high efficacy rate when taken correctly and in the right dosage. The downside is that the Pill requires women to think about birth control every single day. When pills are missed, effectiveness is reduced. This problem can be solved by using hormonal birth control implants, but these must be removed by a medical professional if the user decides she wants to become pregnant.

The FemCap is different from hormonal birth control methods because women only have to think about it when they plan to have sex. Like hormonal birth control, the FemCap is woman-controlled and her partner will not be able to tell it is being used. Unlike the Pill and implants, the FemCap has no side effects—not even latex reactions since it’s constructed of hypo-allergenic silicone.

And since what we put into our bodies affects more than just us, the FemCap has the added advantage of being environmentally friendly. New studies are raising red flags about the effects of synthetic estrogen on our country’s waterways and the fish and wildlife that live and breed there. The FemCap involves no hormones whatsoever, so you can use it knowing that your birth control is better for you and the environment.