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The FemCap & Upcoming Microbicides: New weapons in the fight against HIV?

It’s widely recognized that the only birth control method that’s 100 percent effective in preventing sexually transmitted HIV is total abstinence. The next best choice is the male condom, but in many countries, women can’t or won’t ask their partners to use them. This is often due to cultural norms, lack of access to condoms, low user acceptability and compliance, and lack of education and empowerment among these countries’ women.

With the exception of the female condom, no form of woman-controlled birth control helps prevent HIV infection. Unfortunately, the female condom is subject to many of the same objections and obstacles that discourage people from using the male condom.

Dr. Alfred Shihata, Founder of FemCap, Inc., has been investigating ways in which the FemCap birth control device might provide women with a new way of protecting themselves against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The FemCap may help reduce the transmission of STIs in two ways: 1) by covering the cervix and shielding its vulnerable receptor cells from pathogens. 2) by providing a delivery system for microbicides (currently under development) within the vagina.

Although these studies are still in the research stages, we’re hopeful that the FemCap will prove to be a viable weapon in the war against HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. To learn more, visit

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