How do I choose a hormone-free birth control method?

The first steps include talking to your doctor and evaluating your own contraceptive needs. One option to consider is the FemCap, a medical grade silicone cervical cap for women who either cannot or would rather not use hormonal birth control. The FemCap works on the same principle as the diaphragm and condom in that it blocks sperm from entering the cervix. Unlike condoms which require cooperation from the male partner, the FemCap is woman-controlled. It’s virtually unnoticeable during use, and because it can be inserted several hours before having sex, doesn’t interfere with spontaneity.

The FemCap is designed to fit snugly over the cervix and conforms to the walls of the vagina for additional protection. The FemCap’s rim is designed to hold spermicide on both its vaginal and cervical sides, enhancing the device’s ability to prevent pregnancy. The rim can also hold microbicides to help guard receptor cells on the cervix from sexually transmitted infections.

The FDA-approved FemCap is available by prescription in the USA and over the counter internationally. It comes in three sizes, ranging from Small for women who have never been pregnant to Large for women who have given birth vaginally. Your doctor can discuss your pregnancy history and help you choose the size that’s right for you.

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  1. Marisa

    I read that the FemCap was tested in Africa as a way of preventing and reducing HIV infection. Great work!


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