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User Testimonial from Jaime Morgan

Here is a Testimonial from FemCap user Jaime Morgan:

I am a physician who was looking for birth control methods other than hormones/oral contraceptive pills and condoms. Like many women, I did not tolerate the pill very well and felt that long term use of condoms in a committed relationship was impractical. I researched and found that there were not many non-hormone alternatives. I researched the copper IUD and decided against it due to side effects. I had heard of the prior generation using diaphragms, but they seemed so bulky and outdated. After searching for any and all alternatives, I luckily came across the website for the Femcap.

I was initially intrigued because I’d never heard of it. As I read more about it and  the rave reviews it received, I became more excited about this form of contraception. I called the founder of the FemCap and was warmly received. My FemCap was sent to me in no time flat.
I have to say I absolutely love it. It is so easy to use. It is very simple to insert and I don’t even know I’m wearing it- it’s that comfortable. It stays exactly in place and I don’t even notice it during intercourse.  One of the things I am most happy with is that I am the one in control of protecting my body. I simply insert it and know that I am covered. I also love that I am not needlessly taking added hormones, with possible side effects that need to be taken daily. With the FemCap, you simply insert and remove it when you are sexually active. It is surprisingly small and it is made of very soft, clear silicone and comes in a discrete carrying case. I recommend this especially to my patients in committed relationships who are looking for forms of contraception. I truly believe it is an amazing invention!